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How and why to use a Proxy

How to use proxies inside Salestools
Written by Christian Nilsson
Updated 1 month ago

Wondering what a 'Proxy' is all about? You've come to the right place.

Why might I need a proxy?

The great thing about Salestools is that it's in the cloud. This means Automations can act on your behalf without your browser having to be active or you having to be around. However, the thing about this 'cloud' is that it actually has an address, or addresses, all over the world - and the ones being used might be totally different from where you are in the world we aim to have a server near you but if your location is outside the datacenters offered by AWS you are better off using a Proxy.

Some websites, such as Linkedin, are closely monitoring the geographical location of your IP address(es). If they see that you're connecting from your own browser in, for example, Siberia, and Salestools is simultaneously connecting from elsewhere in the world, it will very quickly catch on and suspend your account.

To avoid this, you can use a proxy. But what is a proxy? It acts as an intermediary and places your browser in a different geographical location of your choice. In other words, having one close to you can come in very handy.

If you need help to create a proxy, you can use our article Set up a proxy with Proxymesh on Salestools.

Once you have one, you have two options on how to use it: 


On your Salestools configuration, you can choose the 'HTTP' option if you just need your proxy for all your automations, one single setup:

You will need to fill in the information you got from your proxy service: your proxy’s address (which should look something like this: ch.proxymesh.com:31280) and your login details.

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